24 Feb: installing water-logged

The past 5 months have been fraught with a myriad of solutions for the transfer of live stream video and audio from beneath the wharf to a container above. Ollie Blair has been the brains of the venture; his patient manner and diligence to work thru all the obstacles has been unwavering. I should also mention his critical eye; he laughed out loud at my idea of covering torches with socks! Thank goodness I listened. And thank goodness for Uli who lent his electrical know-how!

Today's install went oh so very smooth. Michael  Ballinger arrived with the boat right on high tide and together with Ollie, he installed the camera directly under the container. A few rocky moments of reaching, not over-reaching, showed up on the screen I was monitoring. The most tedious part of the day was taping the cordage: 4 hours later, I realised that once again I was on the ground, sometimes on my belly, face down on the asphalt!

The wind picked up throughout the day and yet I was pleased to see the water under the wharf remained calm. Now that the technology aspect is all in place, it is tempting to do a first swim.