Preston, Julieanna. “You are embued with tolerance…” [journal article] and “meeting, you in detail” {performance video], edited by Igea Troiana and Suzanne Ewing, Spaces of Tolerance: Architecture and Culture 7:1, 31-43, 2019.

This article tells the back story of a performance dedicated

to bearing witness to a corner of a room in a 1990s’ New Zealand kitset

home. The video meeting, you in detail performs a love poem that asks

for forgiveness before demolishing the wall. The video tracks an interlude

where the space of tolerance related to building construction

meets open-mindedness, empathy and compassion. This performance

inquired how maintaining respect for others extends to material processes

and interactions. Underpinned by Jane Bennett’s new materialism

philosophy, the article draws from poet Francis Ponge’s muse on the

muteness of objects, architect Marco Frascari’s teachings and the

scholarship of archaeologist Lucy Shoe Merritt. 

Click here for the PDF of the article.

Click here for the performance video.