Julieanna Preston and Jen Archer-Martin, “Performing Bitumen: Materialising Desiré” in Architectural Materialisms: Nonhuman Creativity. Ed. Voyatzaki M., Edinburgh University Press, 2018.

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This book gathers 14 architects, designers, performing artists, film makers, media theorists, philosophers, mathematicians and programmers. They all argue that matter in contemporary posthuman times has to be rethought in its rich internal dynamism and its multifaceted context. By transversally crossing disciplinary boundaries, new and profound insights into contemporary thinking and creating architecture emerge.

Combining the dynamism of materiality and the capacities of nonhuman machines towards prototyping spatiotemporal designs and constructs leads to alternative conceptions of the human, of ethics, aesthetics and politics in this world yet-to-come.

Causality and Meaning in the New Materialism
Manuel DeLanda

  1. Tangible versus Intangible Materiality: Interpreting Gaudí and the Colliding Forces of Traditional and Innovative Construction
    Mark Burry

  2. Internalising Continuous Variation
    Kas Oosterhuis

  3. Paramateriality: Novel Biodigital Manifolds
    Marcos Cruz

  4. A Vital, Architectural Materialism; a House-person’s Escape from the Anthropocentric
    Pia Ednie-Brown

  5. Performing Bitumen, Materialising Desiré
    Julieanna Preston and Jen Archer-Martin

  6. Machine-oriented Architecture: Oikos and Ecology
    Levi R. Bryant

  7. The Compass of Beauty: A Search for the Middle
    Lars Spuybroek

  8. Architectures of Air: Media Ecologies of Smart Cities and Pollution
    Jussi Parikka

  9. The Intelligence of Computational Design
    Luciana Parisi

  10. Grothendieck Toposes: Architectural and Plastic Imagination beyond Material Number and Space
    Fernando Zalamea

  11. Vicarious Architectonics, Strange Objects: Chance-bound: Michel Serres’ Exodus from Methodical Reason
    Vera Bühlmann

  12. Transmythologies 
    Maria Voyatzaki

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