Preston, Julieanna. "Lining Stories: Conversations with Inside Trades." In Meanings of Designed Spaces, edited by Tuii Vaikla-Poldma, 224-229. New York: Fairchild, 2013.


This book chapter reflects on the making of four sculptural objects. MUFF, LASH, HEAR and HEDGE originate from an examination of interior finishes and their metaphoric associations to the linings of everyday objects such as satchels, coats, shoes, pocket books and hats, a concept that Praz and de Fusco draw out in relation to poetic consideration of historic interior environments. My investigation of these objects paid particular heed to the manner in which linings are constructed and how they negotiate a liminal threshold between an object’s exterior and interior surface(s) including the lining’s accommodation for other objects, i.e. how and what the lining furnished.

This sculptural work pays homage to a very plain and humble timber case lined with blue felt, patterned paper and cardboard supplements to support and protect the body of a violin that is no longer present.  It proposes an interior that is built internally; propped up from its own spatial forces and liberated from its hard shell. These and other issues related to craft, labour and spatial geometry will play a part in directing an interpretation of this work towards a feminist perspective of surface in relation to interior lining.


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