Douglas, M., Preston, J., Barrow, K., Farrenkopf, J, Huang, K., Miller, T., Spitzner and Turcan, I. (2016). Idleness Labouritory: attuning. At Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, New York, 1-2 September 2016.


This performance responded to one of Point of Contact's mission to support latin american art within the region. Over a 24-hour period, collaborators read aloud from Corresponding Voices, an on-going series of books published by the gallery that feature latin american poetry. The performance also attended to the gallery's physical context, a relatively internal space somewhat isolated from downtown Syracuse. As a group of visiting artists from NZ and AUS, local artists, Syracuse University postgraduate students and academics, we shared our practices of attuning with the space, each other and the poetry via an online live streaming broadcast.





Thank you to Miranda Taut, Gallery Director.



















Everson curator DJ Hellerman

Images by Joanna Spitzner and Amanda Noel Struver