Preston, Julieanna. HUNG [sculptural object]. In somewhat different: Contemporary Design and the Power of Convention, curated by Volker Albus, hosted by IFI, Goethe Institute and Massey College of Creative Arts, Old Museum, Wellington, NZ, 26 April- 31 May 2010.


HUNG is a sculptural object that resembles a normative interior curtain draped from a rod under a pelmet or valance. As a sheet of specialty double-sided veneer cabinetry plywood, this object is also a measureable critique of an industrial product’s capacity to yield, to become soft, and to lose rigidity through a process that invests many hours of labour willingly. Hence, in the course of eight continuous hours, a sheet approximately 1200mm x 2400 and 25mm thick was passed through a bench saw to make slices 1.4mm thick, the thinnest before the layers of ply start to disintegrate.


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