Preston, Julieanna. fatty solids. In f generation: feminism, art, progressions. At George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, AUS.


fatty solids was a modest work installed at the edges of a small gallery filled (some would say overfilled) with eighty plus other works, most of which were graphic or visual in nature. A small rectangular mirror was mounted to the wall at average eye height above a white ceramic soap dish. Headphones hung from the dish, which held a small IPOD. These objects served as an invitation to listen. The soundtrack spoke to the interface, interplay and intercourse of two fatty solids: a bar of soap and at least one wet body. Imagine taking that in as one gazes in the mirror at one’s own eyes or surveys the gallery behind!

fatty solids featured in f generation, an exhibition honouring and augmenting Australia’s feminist movement which emerged in 1975 and saw Melbourne artists mount a number of ground-breaking platforms for agitation, activism, education and bringing discourse into community and collaborative forums. The George Paton Gallery was significant in this movement including a lecture by Lucy Lippard, Art Almanac magazine, the Women’s Art Forum and the Women’s Art Register.


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